Introduction old to new

Your older kitty might live peacefully with other pet companions in the house. But there is no surety about him happily accepting a new member to the family. Here’s some extra attention which your older cat will require when a new kitty comes home.

First sight…

In their first meeting, two feline buddies get to know each other by smells. So, your older cat in the house will spend a lot of time sniffing the new or young kitty member. And the kitten will do the same. But if your older cat purrs or hisses curiously and seems uncomfortable, it would be wise to wait for a few more days.

Steady adjustment…

Be sure first that your older cat is ready, then introduce him to the young kitty by widely opening the door of the room where the kitten stays as they can see and smell each other freely. You should be present to supervise their meeting. Keep the door open for short periods of time until they become adjusted to looking at each other without becoming upset. Though it takes several days, this procedure will eventually be successful.

Take it easy…

You shouldn’t force the two furry buddies get closer. Let them decide whether to stay closer or far. Repeat the short introduction as much as you can until the two cats are comfortable to stay in the same room. Take it easy, don’t push them for instant friendship!

A common space…

Your older cat will like to assure that the newcomer kitty will not take over his territory. For example, if the older one has his favourite sleeping place, don’t let the young kitten use it. Provide the young fellow separate corner and toys. Always keep in mind that animals are possessive of their food, feeding dishes and sleeping corners.

Litter pans…

Providing two separate litter pans to your young and older kitties will help prevent the adult cat from starting to soil in inappropriate areas as an act of aggression.

Forever friends…

It may take quite a few days or months for the two kitties to become close friends who are totally comfortable with each other. But usually over time, most of the kitties find a workable relationship, even if they are still not best friends!

Before home-coming


  • Let your vet examine the kitten to make sure she’s parasite-free.
  • Make sure all their vaccinations are current.
  • Neuter or spay to diminish aggression,especially the kitten at appropriate age.




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