FCI organises first Feline Excellence professional certificate programme


Feline Club of India (FCI) organised its first professional residential Feline Excellence certificate programme on 29th and 30th June  2019 at Anand Resort in Nasik. The programme brought together all the feline  enthusiasts, hobbyists,breeders, vets and professionals from over 30 cities of the country on a common platform. The programme provided certification courses of breed orientation and awareness school, judging school, clerking school and show mechanics. Panel of speakers at the event consisted of Saquib Pathan, President, FCI and others including Allan Raymond, Dr Dhanajay Pandit and Dr Ashwin Ashok Raut. In the session Clerking School and Show Mechanics, Saquib explained how cat shows are run and the role, responsibilities and duties of a ring clerk towards the ring head and judge. The event also witnessed FCI’s first ever ‘Annual Meet’ attended by 200 cat hobbyists, during which date and venue of the National Cat Show of FCI was announced as 13th October 2019 at Mumbai.

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