Dedication, Education & Awareness!


The Feline Club of India (FCI) has been working for providing awareness and education among pet parents in India. Run by cat passionate people, FCI started working on Registration Drives, Conventions and Cat Shows.


Registration Drives
The drives are conducted in various cities across India where cats are registered and micro-chipped. The information generated through these registrations helps to understand the lineage of the cat.


Delhi: FCI hosted a Feline Convention on Basic Feline Management, Dental Care and Fungal Infection.


Bengaluru: The convention on Preventive Tips, Healthcare and Genetics, Nutrition, Common Behaviour and Pain Management, etc.


The conventions are knowledge driven activities. Prominent national and international speakers are present in the conventions.

Cat Shows
FCI will be holding cat shows which are a platform to showcase the best in each breed, with international judges for the same.

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