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DOGS & PUPS is a magazine which promotes Responsible Pet Parenting. Started in July 2004 we bring information which takes care of our furry friends in all possible ways. The magazine has caught the pulse of the reader and fulfils their desire to pamper their pet in a pawfect way. We cover information both nationally and internationally. DOGS & PUPS and CATS & KITTENS target people who are passionate about them, whether they are pets or strays. We provide all-round information on health, training, nutrition, grooming, etc; besides information on the latest and the best canine/feline products to pamper our loving pooches/felines. The magazine is also for a cause wherein we promote awareness for strays and abandoned dogs/cats and the people/organizations who help them. Even serious issues are presented in an easy-to-understand manner for the benefit of the readers. DOGS & PUPS is a forum to raise voice against the wrath on dogs. Each issue of DOGS & PUPS is eagerly awaited by children, dog parents, vets, breeders, groomers, etc – in fact anybody who loves dogs. Let’s all join and make this world a better place for our dogs and cats.


Dogs & Pups and Cats & Kittens is a part of New Delhi-based S-Media Group. The Group is engaged in producing B2B publications, books, directories, and more. Other titles produced by the Group include Print & Publishing, Sign & Graphics, DigiSign Digest and All About Newspapers, besides the regularly updated websites – www.smediagroup.in

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